Sunday, June 21, 2009

Performance, Photos and Farewell

I think the performance went reasonably well, as is often the case, I think the run through for some of it was better than the 'real' taped performance, but I am resigned to it being what it is, no more , no less.
The Pas was first, and you know I could swear my attitude leg was higher than that, and I have no idea if I was winging my foot or not.I know the penche was off....Because it was one of the few things that I never quite nailed. As you can see

here in rehearsal. David kept shoving me forward, but try as he might I couldn't get it!
At least we finished together in a reasonably attractive way, but I have to give most of that credit to David.
He has been in the
Richmond Ballet apprentice program for a year and has just been accepted into the company, so I guess that makes him a real dancer.

He was a sweetie and didn't seem too disturbed at dancing with a
bunch of delusional old ladies!
All of the partners we work with really do try their best to be helpful.
My other main partner who danced in the show, but not with me, was a 16 yr old named
Christian, who just got a full scholarship to the richmond Ballet summer program. He was such a hard worker, and with gorgeous lines, and already tall and strong. The consensus was that he is going to be very, very good!

The next part we danced was the Bayadere Variation, and that thing was so frantic and fast, I don't think anyone managed to get a picture of it, not one I have seen so far anyway! I did do it en pointe, which meant it was not so clean as I would have liked, and I flubbed some of the turning releve passe section, but most of it was ok!

Once that was out of the way there remained only the Giselle Repertory piece, which was fairly tame compared to the other two!
I am glad to see photographic evidence that I nailed my releve arabesques!

After the show and a quick shower we all went out to dinner, and had a nice relaxing evening.
Despite feeling sad it was all over, I think we all had a good time!


helen held said...

looks to me as if you had an awesome time, and some great photo's to prove it - would like to see them bigger tho!


cu soon - GAry and Jean arrive today and leave the day before you arrive

Anonymous said...

What a great experience! I think it looked like you did an amazing job.