Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Much Fun!

So we just got in from a very long day, most of it in pointe shoes.

After Technique this morning we spent 2 hours working on the Bayadere Repertory piece ( yes en pointe) and then after lunch another hour and a half working on the Giselle Variation, with all those chugs, also en pointe.
Then, after a short break we went in to partnering class for another 2 hours, finishing at 6pm!

But, I am on such an adrenalin high you would not believe!

Usually in partnering there is a piece of music that Randall wants to use, and he kind of choreographs as we go, but this time we are doing a set piece, the Sugar Plum Pas de Deux!

It is frightening to look at , but we pretty much had it nailed by the time we were done! And we get more time to work on it tomorrow, so I am sure it is going to be pretty polished by the time we get it on stage.

It feels like such an achievement to be able to do it, now do you think I will get to do it in the AAB Nutcracker?

No, probably not, but just knowing that I could is HUGE for me!

Here is a picture of Paul at lunch yesterday.
And this is my good Buddy Michelle doing her Fallen Warrior with Icepacks art installation
And a shot of the new camp T shirts they have this year, for all you past campers who are reading along!

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