Sunday, June 21, 2009

Performance, Photos and Farewell

I think the performance went reasonably well, as is often the case, I think the run through for some of it was better than the 'real' taped performance, but I am resigned to it being what it is, no more , no less.
The Pas was first, and you know I could swear my attitude leg was higher than that, and I have no idea if I was winging my foot or not.I know the penche was off....Because it was one of the few things that I never quite nailed. As you can see

here in rehearsal. David kept shoving me forward, but try as he might I couldn't get it!
At least we finished together in a reasonably attractive way, but I have to give most of that credit to David.
He has been in the
Richmond Ballet apprentice program for a year and has just been accepted into the company, so I guess that makes him a real dancer.

He was a sweetie and didn't seem too disturbed at dancing with a
bunch of delusional old ladies!
All of the partners we work with really do try their best to be helpful.
My other main partner who danced in the show, but not with me, was a 16 yr old named
Christian, who just got a full scholarship to the richmond Ballet summer program. He was such a hard worker, and with gorgeous lines, and already tall and strong. The consensus was that he is going to be very, very good!

The next part we danced was the Bayadere Variation, and that thing was so frantic and fast, I don't think anyone managed to get a picture of it, not one I have seen so far anyway! I did do it en pointe, which meant it was not so clean as I would have liked, and I flubbed some of the turning releve passe section, but most of it was ok!

Once that was out of the way there remained only the Giselle Repertory piece, which was fairly tame compared to the other two!
I am glad to see photographic evidence that I nailed my releve arabesques!

After the show and a quick shower we all went out to dinner, and had a nice relaxing evening.
Despite feeling sad it was all over, I think we all had a good time!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chug, Chug, Chug

I got in a little early this morning and took some photos of the studios this is studio 1
Studio 1 againStudio 1

This is studio 2 Studio 2

and this is 3 Studio 3

After our technique class this morning we had a special turning and jumping class with Randall, which was very interesting, I think I picked up some cool things I can use, especially in turns.

Then it was pointe class, which I skipped, sadly, in the interests of keeping my ankle as healthy as possible for the performance tomorrow. Fellow camper Heather and I went to watch the mens variation class instead, which was fun.

After lunch we had partnering, where we did some cool exercises first and then got put into groups for the performance tomorrow, and ran the pas a couple of times to make sure all the pairs can work together. I get to do it with Dave, who is a tall, strong young man, who is a very competent partner. All this took two hours, and after which we still had to go and set and run the Giselle Rep piece, to get it ready for tomorrow. It seems to be going well.

Tomorrow we have a warm up class, followed by a run through of our Bayadere variation, another run of the Giselle and then after lunch we set off for the theatre .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Much Fun!

So we just got in from a very long day, most of it in pointe shoes.

After Technique this morning we spent 2 hours working on the Bayadere Repertory piece ( yes en pointe) and then after lunch another hour and a half working on the Giselle Variation, with all those chugs, also en pointe.
Then, after a short break we went in to partnering class for another 2 hours, finishing at 6pm!

But, I am on such an adrenalin high you would not believe!

Usually in partnering there is a piece of music that Randall wants to use, and he kind of choreographs as we go, but this time we are doing a set piece, the Sugar Plum Pas de Deux!

It is frightening to look at , but we pretty much had it nailed by the time we were done! And we get more time to work on it tomorrow, so I am sure it is going to be pretty polished by the time we get it on stage.

It feels like such an achievement to be able to do it, now do you think I will get to do it in the AAB Nutcracker?

No, probably not, but just knowing that I could is HUGE for me!

Here is a picture of Paul at lunch yesterday.
And this is my good Buddy Michelle doing her Fallen Warrior with Icepacks art installation
And a shot of the new camp T shirts they have this year, for all you past campers who are reading along!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fashion Show!

Just back from Ellman's with a couple of new leotards and a new top!
This one is a halter, Photo 7
This one is just a v front black tank Photo 13

and this is the top.Photo 14

Not a bad haul, eh?

We had our first repertory and variation classes today, for rep we are doing a little variation from Giselle, and for variation it is from the Bayadere, Kingdom of the Shades; so basically I am dancing a dead thing in both pieces!

We also had Jazz with Willie Hinton which was awesome (but exhausting) and a regular old technique class.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day One.

Today was the placement class, and I did ask if I could try the next level (3a) this time.
Heidi observed the class and did move some people out of there at the end, but I was not one of them, although she did single me out for notes after the class, which has me a little freaked out! In general I felt pretty comfortable in there, and feel like it will work out ok.

After our 1 1/2 hour technique class we had 45 minutes of pointe, where I am in the intermediate/advanced level. I didn't feel it was all that different technically then the other level, but it did move a little faster. I did the whole class, but probably shouldn't have, what with my ankle issue, but I have ice on it now!

After lunch we had a nice long stretch class, which was followed by modern, with a drummer! FUN!
Now I am icing and elevating my ankle and waiting for a ride to the natural grocery store to stock up on breakfast and dinner items.

I have actually booked myself a session with Heidi's husband Chris who is a professional (dance) photographer this week. Every year people do this and I think they must be crazy to want to do it, but somehow I think this is the year when I should go for it. I have seen his work and he really is good, and knows what he is doing, and if I could get some lovely shots of myself en pointe now, while I am still able to do it... well maybe I am mad!

Tomorrow we start learning our variation for the Friday Performance, our repertory piece, and we have a jazz class; then a trip to the dancewear store in the evening. What's not to like?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Made it!

Thanks to Beccy's excellent airport service I had an uneventful trip, although the flight from SFO to Dulles was completely full, and so sleep really was not an option, I liked transferring at Dulles (D.C.) way better than the other routes I have tried, and was in Richmond by 9.15 this morning.

The red-eye gamble paid off, because the hotel did have a clean room for me to check into this morning, and I even ran in to my buddy Paul (from Seattle ) in the lobby.

Now I should really get some rest, but I am finally getting to feel excited, now that the logistics of getting here are out of the way.

It's good to be back!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

As if i didn't have enough to do...

I volunteered to make a sign board for the Cassand Ballet. Gary brought the boards, I had some chalk board paints, and I took the photo from their website.Its not quite finished, but I would like to be able to take it to class tomorrow so they can see that I have at least made an effort!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting Ready.

Going to head out to Richmond again on Friday night, I am trying the Red Eye this year, because I usually travel from the very early hours of Saturday morning, and end up stressed out that I am going to miss the Saturday night dinner, and jetlagged by the time difference for the Sunday placement class.
I have a few things to finish before I go, and have been working on a quilted piece for a secret pal swap on Ravelry I have a bit of knitting to finish and am trying to get a crochet project started to bring with me.

Oh, and I have to arrange a cat sitter, get the children organized for their last week of school and the Ballet School Spring Recital, both of which happen while I am away, and I also took on the making of a sign for Cassand Ballet, which I have just started tonight, and should have done by Wednesday. A mite too ambitious, perhaps?