Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day One.

Today was the placement class, and I did ask if I could try the next level (3a) this time.
Heidi observed the class and did move some people out of there at the end, but I was not one of them, although she did single me out for notes after the class, which has me a little freaked out! In general I felt pretty comfortable in there, and feel like it will work out ok.

After our 1 1/2 hour technique class we had 45 minutes of pointe, where I am in the intermediate/advanced level. I didn't feel it was all that different technically then the other level, but it did move a little faster. I did the whole class, but probably shouldn't have, what with my ankle issue, but I have ice on it now!

After lunch we had a nice long stretch class, which was followed by modern, with a drummer! FUN!
Now I am icing and elevating my ankle and waiting for a ride to the natural grocery store to stock up on breakfast and dinner items.

I have actually booked myself a session with Heidi's husband Chris who is a professional (dance) photographer this week. Every year people do this and I think they must be crazy to want to do it, but somehow I think this is the year when I should go for it. I have seen his work and he really is good, and knows what he is doing, and if I could get some lovely shots of myself en pointe now, while I am still able to do it... well maybe I am mad!

Tomorrow we start learning our variation for the Friday Performance, our repertory piece, and we have a jazz class; then a trip to the dancewear store in the evening. What's not to like?

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helen held said...

Wow, he is a fabulous photographer - go for it , a great idea.

What does "singled out for notes" mean - is it for corrections from someone other than the class teacher?

Such a shame you aren't here whilst Yorkshire Ballet Seminars are runnning, although they only take up to about 21, there is so much to be had by watching.

Check out the website

for the past three years, at least one person from the A group has either been given a contract for Birmingham Royal Ballet (formally Sadlers Wells) or the Royal Ballet Company.

Looking forward to your next installment