Friday, January 1, 2010


Isn't it a bit sad how we start off each year full of intention for improving our lives, and a couple of months later it has all gone out of the window?

Last New Year's Day I went to a gathering with some of my neighbours, where we made Vision Boards, (examples here) . Now I like a craft project as much as anyone, but I didn't really expect much from it.
It has been in a place in my house where I have had to walk past it several times a day, for a whole year, and you know what? Some of the things I had on that board have either been acted upon, or have at least had some progress; in surprising ways. Things that I thought were pretty random have somehow tied in to what I have achieved this year.
I don't think there is anything particularly mystic about this, but I do think that letting my subconscious out a bit by sticking magazine pictures on a piece of poster board did somehow focus some of my goals.
This year, no vision board, at least today; as we are driving north east for some snow time, but perhaps I will do it next week.

It wouldn't be a blog entry with out a photo, so here is one I took last night!

Blue moon 12/31/09
That ring around the moon recalled the Tom Robinson song Listen to the Radio. I wonder what happened to that tape?