Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting Ready.

Going to head out to Richmond again on Friday night, I am trying the Red Eye this year, because I usually travel from the very early hours of Saturday morning, and end up stressed out that I am going to miss the Saturday night dinner, and jetlagged by the time difference for the Sunday placement class.
I have a few things to finish before I go, and have been working on a quilted piece for a secret pal swap on Ravelry I have a bit of knitting to finish and am trying to get a crochet project started to bring with me.

Oh, and I have to arrange a cat sitter, get the children organized for their last week of school and the Ballet School Spring Recital, both of which happen while I am away, and I also took on the making of a sign for Cassand Ballet, which I have just started tonight, and should have done by Wednesday. A mite too ambitious, perhaps?

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