Thursday, June 19, 2008

More of the Good Stuff

Some pictures today, yes I know I am way behind on updates! It is busy here!

Monday started with the camp photo, which is always fun! Heidi's husband is a professional dance photographer and he does a great job with our rabble. He is shooting the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine next month, which is very cool!

We then had technique with Kathy followed by an intro to our variation for the Friday performance with Danile. It is from Coppelia and is a little strenuous; but nothing compared to a certain pointe piece recently attempted!
After lunch we were back with Kathy working on the repertory performance piece, which is from Paquita. If you go to this video, we are doing the first 4.10 minutes almost exactly as this corps does, but without the excessive wobbling of the girl on the right at 4.04!

After 'rep' which went incredibly well, we had a jazz class, which was actually more of a modern class, we had some Horton in there! By this time my head was about to explode, so I stopped when she got into some turn sequences!

There was a trip to the dance store (Ellman's) arranged for the evening, and I managed to find my first ever low back leotard ( I was covering up my bra in basic tanks from the age of 16 on!), it is even in a Tall size, so it fits really well.

The evening ended with a 2 margarita dinner at Nacho Mama's handily located near the dance store. It was probably one margarita too many, but I was not feeling any major muscle pain!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara!
Sandi (Sondra) here. Hope you're feeling better - I really ached for you on Saturday... :-(

Cool blog - read both years' worth - interesting comparisons, I must say. :-)

My email address is sondral2005 at aol dot com. I have some nice photos of you I'd like to ship over, if you want them.

Best wishes!

Sandi (aka Sondra)

Isabel said...

Sarah, I let a year go by without sending my handmade item! Whoops!

Please email me at with a mailing address. I'm making my handmade items tomorrow and I'd like to send you one still.

(See this post if you've forgotten what this is about: