Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chug, Chug, Chug

I got in a little early this morning and took some photos of the studios this is studio 1
Studio 1 againStudio 1

This is studio 2 Studio 2

and this is 3 Studio 3

After our technique class this morning we had a special turning and jumping class with Randall, which was very interesting, I think I picked up some cool things I can use, especially in turns.

Then it was pointe class, which I skipped, sadly, in the interests of keeping my ankle as healthy as possible for the performance tomorrow. Fellow camper Heather and I went to watch the mens variation class instead, which was fun.

After lunch we had partnering, where we did some cool exercises first and then got put into groups for the performance tomorrow, and ran the pas a couple of times to make sure all the pairs can work together. I get to do it with Dave, who is a tall, strong young man, who is a very competent partner. All this took two hours, and after which we still had to go and set and run the Giselle Rep piece, to get it ready for tomorrow. It seems to be going well.

Tomorrow we have a warm up class, followed by a run through of our Bayadere variation, another run of the Giselle and then after lunch we set off for the theatre .

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