Monday, June 15, 2009

Fashion Show!

Just back from Ellman's with a couple of new leotards and a new top!
This one is a halter, Photo 7
This one is just a v front black tank Photo 13

and this is the top.Photo 14

Not a bad haul, eh?

We had our first repertory and variation classes today, for rep we are doing a little variation from Giselle, and for variation it is from the Bayadere, Kingdom of the Shades; so basically I am dancing a dead thing in both pieces!

We also had Jazz with Willie Hinton which was awesome (but exhausting) and a regular old technique class.


The Amerikkkan said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Sara,
Sandi, from Florida, from last year's camp. I'll be at the first August one due to doing our school's recital this year.

You look fantastic!! Hope all the rest of the week goes well.

claire said...

i LOVE the grey/silver leo... it looks fantastic! sounds like you're having a fabulous time... careful with that ankle. :]

helen held said...

I like the black one best, the cut at the front looks divine. Don't you already have a top like the "paisley" one? It looks familiar for some reason.

Just booked to see the kirov at the ROH in August - we are going there and back in a day to cut costs :-)