Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday is shopping day.

After the group photo this morning, we had a great technique class, then got to find out what our variation will be this year, it is act 3 of Sleeping Beauty, Aurora's wedding.
This one
Some people did it with technique shoes but several of us tried it en pointe, and I think it will be ok, by Friday ! It is super cool to do.

Then after lunch we took Modern/Jazz from Willie Hinton, and he made us work really hard, but he is so inspiring. He gave us a whole introduction to his approach to dance, and especially about communication with the audience, definitely something I needed to hear. One analogy he used that I liked was that we have to take the audience on a roller-coaster, with highs and lows and sustained holds and really fast bits; and that is what is exciting!

After a quick break we went into Rep. class with Tristi Robinson who is teaching us a corps piece she choreographed. It looks like fun, and we got quite a lot done today; and I realised how all that time working with Rudy has helped me in working with choreography and picking up steps for a new piece! There was no shouting, though!

We finally rolled out of class at 4.45pm and had a quick turn around to get to the local dancewear store that stays open especially for camp and gives us a 20% discount. Needless to say I found some things to buy, but was fairly restrained and picked up only a pair of lacy knit shorts and a pair of technique shoes on sale!
Worn out by all the shopping we retired to Nacho Mama's for the $3.50 margueritas and some tasty rice and beans before heading back to the hotel to prepare for another day of dance tomorrow.

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Cat said...

The week you come to VA has been such a bear for this year and last year! They need to pick another week - but maybe next year will be less hectic now that my son has graduated from H.S.! Sounds like you're having fun, though...