Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday are Kind of a Blur

I am actually getting complaints about not having updated this, which is a sign someone is reading it!
Tuesday was a busy day, starting out with technique with Randall, then a pirouette workshop with Kathy and pointe with Tristy all before lunch!
( I can only take photos of other people, and when I am not participating)

Then, we went into studio one with Tristy and she continued teaching us her rep piece. It is something she choreographed herself and is very long! We only just finished it yesterday (Wednesday) and it is going to need a lot of polishing up in the 45 minutes we have left on Thursday and Friday!!!

After that, I admit I skipped out on the character class, and instead went to see our tame massage therapist instead, which was soooooo nice. She told me to stop wearing the ankle support as a matter of course, only when I feel I need it, and had a good old poke and prod around at my right leg especially. I do think that similar regular sessions would probably help a lot. My ankle has felt better since, although still a bit unreliable, and she told me I wasn't stretching enough, which I am sure is true.

We gathered back at the studios at 5.30pm for movie night. Steven has brought his big screen projection system and we voted on a selection of movies, which ended up with us watching Ballerina (about 4 Kirov Ballerina's in various stages of their careers) while sipping wine and eating pizza!

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