Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's SunKing Dance Camp's 10th anniversary year,

and I have the t shirt to prove it!

Would you believe it has taken my half an hour to make that work , because att/sbc/yahoo have changed their access information and having turned my phone off for the flight, then back on again, suddenly I couldn't send outgoing mail so I couldn't get the picture out of my phone and onto flickr.

Anyway the first day of camp is over, and yes, it was FUN!
Its been a fairly light day really with a technique (placement) class from Randall, a pointe class from Kathy, and then a stretch class from Danile, which I totally needed after all the tortuous hours on the plane to get here.

I am in 3b level again, which is what I expected, and it feels comfortable for me, so far. I didn't expect to survive the whole hour of pointe class in pointe shoes what with my ankle being the way it is, but I did, even if I went straight to the freezer for the ice pack afterwards. And that last turn combination, (soutenue, soutenue (sp?), pique pique x3 then pick up turn, pique, chaine ) was FAST, and we did it three times on each side! I little bit of a stretch for me! Heidi took the pointe class with us (Kathy teaching) and it was fun to see her really dancing rather than demonstrating.
After the requisite Sunday night grocery store trip, we went up to the hospitality room to find the hotel had provided a bit of a welcome spread for us, which was a really nice surprise.
Lastly some pictures of my dinner companions; Michelle who kindly took us to the grocery store by car, so we didn't have to wait around for the hotel shuttle, and Steven who is only with us for a few days, but took pointe class with us today...
and Heather, who is in Level 4 this year WOOT WOOT! Congratulations! She has brought her tutu with her to finish before the photo session on Friday, I can't wait to see it!

And a picture of the view from the 14th floor looking out over the river, its so pretty, my camera doesn't do it justice... But that's all for tonight, up bright and early for the camp photo in the morning and then we have Kathy for technique and get to find out what our variation will be !

( and in case you were wondering, yes, I bought the skirt too!)

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