Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday and Thursday in Richmond.

I am trying to remember what we did yesterday, it is all becoming a bit of a blur!
We finished the choreography for both our performance pieces. I am having serious doubts about doing the coppelia one en pointe, but the Bayadere one is still goiong well.
We had a partnering class in the afternoon, where they brought in some semi pro young men, and with some of the men in ouur program we worked on balances, simple turns, promenades and lifts. I was suprisingly difficult, although I was doing it on pointe, which did make it easier thanjust releve, I think. It was a two houe lesson and most fo the second hour was spent learning choreography for the show tomorrow. I suddenly decided it was too much, too fast and decided that I didn't need to have any more new choreography to worry about coupled with a partner who was completely new to it as well as me! today they had the second two hour session and I just whimped out. The first lesson I have skipped all week! It was interesting to learn the techniques but I don't think I need to perform it just yet.
Today, apart from pilates, we switched all the teachers around, so although we had technique and pointe in the morning it was different to have someone else teaching. We also did another Turning class, again different teacher, and different ideas; somehow I will have to weed through all this information overload and pick out the bits that are actually helpful to me. It is cool to have these amazing resources though.
This afternoon we did some more rep. work and then had a character class which was fun, fun, fun.
I had no idea that there is a character barre, with different port de bras, different plie combinations, tendus, battements etc. Very cool . We also did some center work and learned a few different character 'steps' that we put together in a combination. It was light hearted and fun. Just what I needed on Thursday afternoon when I was feeling bad about my decision to duck out of the partnering piece.
The performance is tomorrow afternoon!

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