Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More From Richmond

It was a more relaxing day today, stating with a pilates class where I got to be the demonstation assistant. We then had technique, which had some cool grande allegro, then it was Turning Workshop, and I picked up some useful tips, and did some pique turns without getting the slightest bit dizzy! I hope I can remember all this when I get home.
In the afternoon we had foot class where we learned all about how to stretch, massage and take care of our feet, followed by rep - more Bayadere, and finally a stretch class followed by a mini consult from a physical therapist who works with the Richmond Ballet.
La Bayadere is going to be so cool, I love the music. We have nearly finished the choreography for the show on Friday, and at the moment the '2 waltz turns followed by two pique turns while travelling in a circle' are causing me some orientation issues, but it is getting better!
The physical therapist was really helpful, she checked my alignment and told me that all my hip issues are muscular, not skeletal, and that my pulled hamstring is probably related to the fact that my pelvis is out of alignment. She recommended I get some kind of serious manipulative therapy and that I spend more time stretching my pereformus (sp?). Which I know how to do, but it hurts, so I don't...
Maybe now I have taken the first step I will actually do something about it when I get home!

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