Monday, June 18, 2007

Dance Camp Update

i've been so busy dancing that I have not had time to do this before now, so appologies to those waiting for news!
I made it to Richmond despite a very near miss on the flight connection, which resulted in me running full out down the airport concorse scattering the elderly and young children as I went . But I made the flight mere seconds before they closed the gate; I was just worried that my bag wouldn't have managed to make the connection too.
On arriving at Richmond airport my bag showed up and I got to the hotel in time for the meet and greet dinner, and fireworks on the river. I don't think the fireworks were to welcome the dance campers but it was really nice to see them!
The first day (Sunday) we were interviewed by the camp director (Heidi) and then classes for placement. I was the middle level of three for technique, the higher level of two for Modern (thanks, Jenny) and the lowest level of three for pointe.
I was not moved around after the placement class although some people were.
The levels seem great to me, and I was glad that they had put me in the lowest level of pointe, because that was a hard class - not a beginner class as far as I could tell.
So, we did technique followed by pointe then modern yesterday, and today we had technique followed by variation (we are doing the second peasant variation from Giselle), and after lunch there was rep. in which we are learning a dance from La Bayadere. Then there was a jazz class to finish up the day. All the classes are an hour and a half.
I stumbled back to my room and into a hot bath!
I am having fun! I am amazed to find out how much I can do, how much I have learned in the last year and a half that I am getting to put to such good use now.
Everyone here is amazingly friendly and supportive, and I think the only major injury I have sustained is shin splints from running through the airport!

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