Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sara's Fluffies?

Inspired by a post over on Stephanie's Blog and the impending Surprise Party for the amazing Miss. Sar I made a quick shopping trip on Saturday afternoon; and armed with 3 skeins of Cascade 220 and some really big needles, set to work on these slippers.

In 24 hours I had these!
(That is my foot in there, for scale.)
Mr. T thought they might be a bit big, but that just meant the start of the felting adventure!

All the felting info. tells you that it does not work in a front loader washing machine, not enough agitation... But it's what I had, so I tried.
After two washes there was almost no discernible shrinkage, they were still positively floppy, and huge.
I took them out and tried a little rubbing in the sink, by hand. It seemed to work a bit, but it hurt. I decided to wait for Monday and take them to a laundromat and a top loading machine, as advised.
Monday afternoon at 4pm I tried my first Laundromat. There were a couple of rows of shiny upright machines, but they were all in use. I waited 15 minutes for a machine to be done, patiently, until she came to take her clothes out.... Tragedy. The machine opened at the front!
I peered inside, it looked like a traditional front loader with no agitator! Rats. Off to Laundromat number two.
Front loading machines all in a row, all empty. I dumped the slippers in and started the machine, then settled down to wait. My instructions said it would take as long as half an hour, but the surprise party wasn't until 6.30pm, so I still had plenty of time.
I checked them after 10 minutes. Not smaller.
After 20 minutes, well, perhaps a little smaller, but no where near a size 8. I put them back in.
The machine started a rinse cycle! Oh no, I needed more washing, but I reasoned that they would still get the agitation in a rinse so I left them in.
When the spin started I took them out. Yes! It was working, they had started to felt!
Nowhere near enough though, so I dug through my purse found another bunch of quarters and started the whole process again.
This time I didn't bother to check them after 10 mins., or 20. I fished them out when the rinse cycle started, there was some progress, so I left them in until it started to spin.
Hmmmm, still not small enough. I checked my watch. It was nearly 5pm. Just one more wash might do it!
I headed for the change machine, loaded up the machine and ignored the whole precess until the end. They were much closer to the right size, but not right. I had no more time.

Home, changed, threw an appetiser together (not the one I had planned, it would have taken too long), bunged the slippers into the dryer for 10 minutes, stuffed them into a gift bag and off to the party I went.
The Amazing Miss. Sar.
They were too big, I had some explaining to do. The amazing Miss. Sar was very gracious, but would like them to be a little smaller.
The Fluffies
The party was fabulous. We had delightful appetisers, wine, and the Golden Globes to critique.
It was a great evening.

I brought the slippers home with me, and they have been through the front loader cycle twice now. I think they might be the right size.
scale fluffies I hope!

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